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Choose the Right Storage Container

Plastic tubs with lock tight lids are the best way to protect your belongings from moisture and dust. Cardboard boxes can grow weak and collapse over time. Do not use sealed plastic bags or garbage bags to store your items. Humidity inside the bags can cause mildew and allow items to collect dust. If storing mattresses or sofas we recommend using covers or bags for extra protection.

Recommend using pallets or plastic containers on floors

Stack containers to the ceiling with heavy items on the bottom. Leave an inch of space from the wall to aid in circulation. Don't forget to create an aisle down the center of your self-storage unit for easy access to all of your items. Mattresses and fabric should be at the top of the unit off the floor.

Make Items as Small as Possible

Many stored items can be made smaller. Often you can reduce the size of bed frames to help everything fit more comfortably in your storage space. Wrap frames together with tape (use the non-sticky side for no tape residue) then place any screws in plastic bags and tape them to the frame.

Organize Your Storage Unit

Be strategic about the placement of your items within your storage unit. Keep frequently used items in the front and consider making a drawing that points out the location of your items so you never forget what you have in storage. Tack the drawing inside the unit. 

Things to Avoid

Do NOT store items that will spoil in your storage unit such as; food items, perishables, flammable liquids, fuels, explosives, toxic matter or anything that requires a controlled environment. Avoid packing wet items to prevent mildew. 

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